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FritsJurgens Pivot Door Hinge

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Nothing in the ceiling, nothing in the floor. Everything is mortised in the door leaf. For doors up to 500 kg (1100 lbs). Revolutionary.

The FritsJurgens pivot door hinge is unique in that there are no structural elements in the floor or the ceiling. This hinge is fully integrated into the top and bottom of the door, which means that outside the door only one small floor and ceiling plate needs to be fitted. This hinge provides a virtually invisible system that can be used in both existing and new situations. For use on both interior and exterior doors. With these hinges very heavy, large doors can be made as pivot doors!

Thanks to the fact that all the technical parts are fitted in the door and to the use of the unique floor and ceiling plate, fitting a FritsJurgens pivot door is very simple. 

Manufactured in the Netherlands.


Use additional downloads below for further specification information.


FritsJurgens SystemOne is the most compact system in our range of pivot door hinges. This system can be opened to both the left and the right, turns through 360º and has no hold positions or closure function. 

FritsJurgens SystemOne is made from corrosion-resistant material and can be used with all FritsJurgens floor plates, top pivots and ceiling plates.

1. Revolving

  • Bearing capacity 500 kg
  • 360º revolution
  • Minimum door thickness 40 mm


FritsJurgens System3 can turn through 360º and is characterised by a hold position at 0º, 90º, 180º and 270º. This means that the spring-loaded door turns from each 45º in both directions and stops in the desired direction. The door needs only a little force to start moving, then it continues to rotate by itself thanks to the patented spring construction. Thanks to precise damping the door comes to rest in the hold position after two movements.

1. Revolving
2. Closing
3. Holding in position

  • Bearing capacity 500 kg
  • 360º revolution
  • Minimum door thickness 40 mm
  • Hold positions at 0º, 90º, 180º and 270º
  • Self-opening
  • Self-closing
  • Patented spring system

FritsJurgens System3 is made from corrosion-resistant material and can be used with all FritsJurgens floor plates, top pivots and ceiling plates.


System M adds a totally new dimension to the FritsJurgens pivot door range by creating an unsurpassed experience: total control over the flow and movement of the door. The opening is as light as a feather, the movement extremely elegant, and the closing as soft as a whisper.

Complete set includes: Top Pivot, Ceiling Plate, System M Pivot, Floor Plate and Mounting Package. 

  • Bearing capacity 500 kg
  • 360º revolution
  • Minimum door thickness 40 mm
  • Hold positions at 0˚, 90˚and -90˚
  • Self-closing from -125˚ to + 125˚
  • Adjustable closing damping (soft closing)
  • Adjustable hydraulic backcheck
  • Can be combined with door frames
  • Patented system

FritsJurgens System M is suitable for fire-resistant doors, soundproof doors, doors with draught-excluding, windproof and waterproof profiles, and burglar-resistant doors. 

Product Downloads

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