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Custom Bocci 22: Component Options

by Bocci
Barrel Length
Finish: White


The Bocci 22 system is a complete suite of interior surface accessories that challenge the traditional cover plate concepts.

Bocci Components sold individually to build your own package. Pair with mounting plates, available separately here.


Mounting Plates: 

Mounting plates available separately here.

22.2.5 - Single Alternate Mounting Plate 

22.2.4 – Double Linear Alternate Mounting Plate

22.2.6 - Double Random Alternate Mounting Plate

22.2.1 - Single Drywall Mounting Plate

22.2.2 - Double Linear Drywall Mounting Plate


22.3.2 On/off switch, regular barrel only
22.3.3 RJ12 Telephone, regular barrel
22.3.3M RJ12 Telephone, medium barrel 
22.3.3L RJ12 Telephone, long barrel 
22.3.5 F connector (cable), regular barrel
22.3.5M F connector (cable), medium barrel 
22.3.5L F connector (cable), long barrel 
22.3.6 Intelligent control, regular barrel only
22.3.7 Outlet 15A 120V, tamper resistant, regular barrel
22.3.7M Outlet 15A 120V, tamper resistant, medium barrel 
22.3.7L Outlet 15A 120V, tamper resistant, extended barrel 
22.3.8 Outlet 20A 120V, tamper resistant, regular barrel
22.3.8M Outlet 20A 120V, tamper resistant, medium barrel
22.3.8L Outlet 20A 120V, tamper resistant, extended barrel 
22.3.9 CAT6 (data), regular barrel
22.3.9M CAT6 (data), medium barrel 
22.3.9L CAT6 (data), long barrel
22.3.10 USB, regular barrel
23.3.10L USB, long barrel (8-12 week back order)
22.3.12 HDMI, regular barrel
22.3.12M HDMI, medium barrel 
22.3.12L HDMI, long barrel

See full Technical Specification sheets below.


Polycarbonate casing, electrical components.

Available in three finishes:
Black RAL 9017 
Almond RAL 1013 
White RAL 9016

Lead Time

2-4 week lead time. Please contact us for more information or for stock availability.

Product Downloads

22.3.2 On/Off Switch Product Sheet
22.3.3 RJ12 Telephone Product Sheet
22.3.3M RJ12 Telephone Product Sheet
22.3.3L RJ12 Telephone Product Sheet
22.3.5 F Connector Product Sheet
22.3.5M F Connector Product Sheet
22.3.5L F Connector Product Sheet
22.3.6 Intelligent Control Product Sheet
22.3.7 Outlet Product Sheet
22.3.7M Outlet Product Sheet
22.3.7L Outlet Product Sheet
22.3.8 Outlet Product Sheet
22.3.8M Outlet Product Sheet
22.3.8L Outlet Product Sheet
22.3.9 CAT6 Product Sheet
22.3.9M CAT6 Product Sheet
22.3.9L CAT6 Product Sheet
22.3.10 USB Product Sheet
23.3.10L USB Product Sheet
22.3.12 HDMI Product Sheet
22.3.12M HDMI Product Sheet
22.3.12L HDMI Product Sheet