Introducing BENDE - CASSON's inaugural product line

CASSON is thrilled to announce

the inaugural collection from their in-house line CSSN. 

Bende is a line of refined bathware accessories, 

which coaxes wide curves from a single sheet of metal.

Bende editorial picture

The inaugural collection from CASSON Hardware’s in house line CSSN, BENDE juxtaposes the hard and soft, creating fluid and lush curves from the most elemental of materials.  


Each piece is created by meticulously molding and sculpting a single piece of metal, coaxing out and accentuating the natural suppleness of the material. 

Perfectly balanced and constructed, circular forms are reflected throughout the collection and within each item. 

The collection features seven items, including a shelf, towel and toilet roll holders, soap holders and hooks. Individual components are thoughtfully designed to work together or alone. The line features exposed hardware, with fittings that can be mixed and matched. 

BENDE’s wide angles and round curves add sculptural details to the bathroom space. Available in six finishes, designed and hand-finished in Toronto. Exclusively at CASSON.

bende product line in brass
The collection features (left to right) a shelf, toilet roll holder, towel rack, two hooks, a double soap/shampoo holder and a single soap/shampoo holder. ​​

Much in Little

The latin maxim "multum in parvo,'' or "much in little," is CASSON's guiding concept. A belief that details make a space, and that the smallest and simplest ideas can carry the greatest weight. BENDE was created with this in mind, forged from one of the most basic materials, sheet metal, which is then transformed into simple, elegant, and playful bathware.

The line moves away from a restrained minimalism towards something more gestural. 

“These are playful proportions that you don’t see in the bathroom all the time,” says CASSON co-founder Megan Cassidy. “The pieces are robust, to create a strong visual presence without an overpowering weight. 

"It was important to us that the entire Bende collection worked, both functionally and aesthetically."

The CASSON team made the decision to fabricate and design the pieces locally, meaning they could go through multiple prototypes as they figured out the best way to coax the simple shapes out of the solid metal sheets."

Cassidy explains, "It was important to us that the entire BENDE collection worked, both functionally and aesthetically."

"Designing the collection was an exercise in restraint and creativity. We knew exactly what we were going for - something playful, yet refined," says CASSON co-founder Jane Son. 

The metal finishes of BENDE reflects and bends light, emphasizing the unique form. The result is timeless bathware that teases a tension between playful and modern design.

Product Line

Designed to work together or separately, BENDE is seven piece collection available in six finishes. Quality materials are utilized to create graceful and playful curves to add style to any bath space. 

BENDE Shelf 

Made from a circle of sheet metal, the Bende shelf creates a visual presence without adding visual weight. Perfect to display your treasured items or as a place to rest daily items.

bende shelf in matte black

BENDE Towel Bar 

A simple and elegant towel bar crafted from a single piece of sheet metal. The towel bar is 24 inches or 610 mm long and will fit one large or two small hand towels. Formed from solid metal and hand finished outside Toronto. 

detail of bende towel rack

BENDE Toilet Roll 

Solid metal toilet paper holder that connects to the wall on one side for ease of use. Minimal and thoughtfully designed, the Bende toilet roll holder adds refined simplicity to the bath. 

bende toilet roll holder in polished brass

BENDE Soap Holder -


Keep soap, shampoo or sanitizer at hand and off the counters with the Bende single soap holder. The single soap holder adds functional refinement with minimal presence.

bende soap holder in matte white

BENDE Soap Holder Double 

Simple and elegant, Bende’s double soap holder is perfect for the shower or over the sink, or in commercial bathroom

bende double soap holder in polished stainless

BENDE Hook 1 and 
Hook 2

CASSON has designed two hooks designed to work together or alone. Hook 1, right, features a wide curve that mirrors the Bende’s circular lines and securely holds your items. Hook 2, left, is delicately designed with the slightest bend. 

bende hooks 1 & 2 in satin brass

Small Batch, Local Made

One way CASSON was able to ensure the quality of the line was by working with a local fabricator. “We wanted to design and produce locally, it was a conscious choice,” says Son. Local production meant that each iteration was examined and adjusted by the CASSON team, personally.   


The benefits of local production are manifold: it reduces shipping and allows for less waste by creating items to order without sacrificing lead time. “It’s more sustainable,” says Cassidy. “We aren’t shipping it overseas, we don’t need to make huge minimum orders.” 


When a customer orders BENDE they can be assured that the products have been hand finished by local artisans with decades of experience, and then personally quality checked by our team. “There’s less waste, and a better product. It just makes sense to support local,” finishes Son.

 Bende in your space

Figure out your finish

BENDE comes in six finishes, listed below. Decide on the finish that works best for you, or choose multiple, depending on your design needs. Finishes within a product can even be mixed, with different finishes chosen for the visible hardware and the product. 

Available in 6 standard finishes:

  • Mirrored Stainless Steel
  • Satin Stainless Steel
  • Mirrored Brass
  • Satin Brass
  • Matte Black
  • Gloss White
    (Custom finishes available upon request, contact us for more information)


BENDE is crafted from solid  metal. Each finish corresponds to the metal it's constructed with, save for the matte black and gloss white which are powder coated stainless steel. 

Because of their construction, BENDE must be installed properly and with anchors that correspond with the mounting material. Please confirm with your contractor to ensure safe and sturdy installation.  


BENDE is made to order and fabricated/hand finished in Toronto. Lead times for the BENDE line are approximately 4-8 weeks.