Oh, Canada Eh! Celebrating Canadian Design

Babylon Light hangs in a ground floor room with wide open doors to an outdoor garden

Casson Hardware showcases local designers and fabricators. It's Canadian, eh!

When you think Canadian design, it's time to think past the Hudson Bay blanket, flannel and raw wood. Canadian designers are utilizing the newest materials and techniques to create world-class products. 

 From innovative electrical to elegant accessories, Canadian designers are using new materials to redefine Canadian chic. “Canadian designers are creating products equal in quality to what we see from traditional European designers,” says CASSON co-founder Jane Son. And for items manufactured or fabricated in Canada, such as BOCCI and CBH it has the added benefit of reducing the carbon footprint. Says Son “It’s great to be able to use and feature Canadian made design, not as an after thought, but because it is genuinely the best on the market.” 

Founded and based in Toronto, Canada, CASSON is thrilled to include Canadian design in our catalogue. Read on to learn more about some of our favourite local designers. 

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Our Favourites in Canadian Design


Founded by OCAD and Humber grads Christian Lo and David Ryan in 2015 to fill a space in lighting. The pair felt that stuffy chandeliers and staid sconces found in most lighting stores lacking. As Lo told designlines, "The objects were out of touch with what we prefer aesthetically." When designing their minimal and thoughtful lighting the duo leads with curiosity, always asking "Why isn't this possible, why doesn't this exist?" The result is creative, functional and unique lighting. 

Highwire Chandelier

Using tension to create unique negative space, Highwire is a gravitational balancing act. Customizable, the light can be used to compliment each specific space.   

highwire chandelier installed in a yellow room in front of a verdant window


Designed by multi-hypehnate artist and designer Ryan Taylor, the Babylon light was Taylor's first design. The fixture holds real plants in a sealed aluminum shade/planter. Objet/Interface has since grown to include shelving, lamps and wall hooks, all designed under the principle that product design should enhance the world you live in.

Babylon light by Object/Interface

The light that started it all, Babylon is an award winning light by Toronto company Object/Interface. 


1925Workbench is a family business founded by husband and wife team Rock Huynh and My Le Nguyen. After renovating their Bloor home, they realized that finding quality barn door hardware was next to impossible. So they made the hardware themselves. Soon, they were on Kijiji offering their products. Business boomed and is now their full time career. The Nguyens make hardware based on the core values of quality materials, workmanship, service and local production.  

Brassy Beau Barndoor Hardware

Pictured in their studio, the Nguyens stand in front of their iconic brassy beau design. Photo by Janet Kimber. 

The married foudners of 1925workbench stand in front of barn door

Maha Alavi

Maha Alavi an industrial designer based in Toronto, and a former member of the CASSON team! Her design's are inspired by living; travel particularly inspires her, through seeing new scenes and building new routines. Alavi explains, "I am fascinated by the influence of objects on people and spaces, and construction of cultural archetypes through design." She continues to design hardware with CASSON, and has expanded to furniture with Umbra, amongst others. 

Maha Alavi

Pictured in sitting on the Lithic chair, designed by Maha Alavi. 

CASSON is thrilled to showcase some of the best in Canadian design.

From stunning architectural light fixtures, to brilliant barn doors, from simple door pulls to clever hooks, Canadian design offers more than ever. 

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