Elegant brass olivette furniture pull. Beautifully and functionally designed.
Elegant brass olivette furniture pull. Beautifully and functionally designed.
Maison Vervloet Finishes against a grey background

Ballet Olivette Cabinetry Knob

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The Olivette Cabinetry Knob is a visually strong surface knob designed to make a statement on drawers, cabinet fronts, or doors. Expertly crafted by Maison Vervloet, this knob showcases a perfect blend of style and functionality. Meticulously fashioned from solid brass, it boasts a robust construction that ensures its longevity and durability. The Olivette Cabinetry Knob's commanding presence adds a touch of modernity and elegance to any space, making it an ideal choice for closets, pantries, and other areas that embrace a minimalist aesthetic. Its sleek and minimalist design, combined with the warmth and richness of solid brass, elevates the overall look of your furniture while providing a comfortable grip. Transform your cabinetry with the Olivette Cabinetry Knob and experience the seamless fusion of contemporary design and superior craftsmanship.

Casson is proud to carry Maison Vervloet’s ‘Ballet’ collection, named for the tension inherent in the strict discipline: strength with deceiving lightness, classic lines with a graceful flourish. To evoke the discipline of dance, the Ballet line features multiple straight lines  with an elegant bisecting curve. The ‘Ballet’ Olivette Cabinetry Knob is an elegant and ergonomic design, with a slim rectangular pull featuring the Ballet lines signature bisecting curve. This pull is the perfect accent to any piece of furniture and is as comfortable to use as it is stylish.

Designed by Belgian designer Stijn D'hondt, the line reflects D’hondts obsession with old world techniques combined with a modern touch. An elegant curve bypasses the straight lines and borders. Quality metalwork, hand forged and finished by master goldsmiths. ‘Ballet’ was designed to be crafted in polished or satin brass, but is made to order and can be crafted in other finishes to match your space.  

Founded in 1905, Maison Vervloet has been creating luxurious, high-end hardware for over a century. One of Europe's last remaining ateliers, the family-owned Maison Vervloet creates objects of unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship. Employing master artisans, objects designed and crafted by Maison Vervloet are made to order. 

Made in Belgium.

L 60 mm (2.4"), W 15 mm (0.6")

  • Polished Brass
  • Satin Brass
  • Antique Brass
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Polished Chrome
  • Satin Chrome
  • Polished Nickel
  • Satin Nickel
  • Antique Nickel
  • Gunmetal
  • Dark Oxidized Nickel (Jules)

All finishes are lacquered for durability. Custom finishes available, please contact us for more information.

Pre-drilling or pre-milling for hardware components is not recommended until all items are received and measured.

There may be slight variations that could affect the installation of your hardware as many pieces are hand finished fabricated. 

Casson is not responsible for any damages or inconveniences resulting from the improper installation of the hardware. 

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