HB 690 Flush Pull Privacy Lock
HB 690 Flush Pull Privacy Lock
HB 690 Flush Pull Privacy Lock
HB 690 Flush Pull Privacy Lock
HB 690 Flush Pull Privacy Lock
HB 690 Flush Pull Privacy Lock

HB 690 Flush Pull Privacy Lock

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  • Estimated lead time is 4-8 weeks.

The HB690 privacy sliding door lock includes a snib flush pull inside and emergency release flush pull outside for safe, efficient, locking on bathroom and washroom pocket door sliders.

It comes with a small recessed end pull for easy use to pull the slider from the pocket. Minimum door thickness required is 38mm. For door 35mm-38mm thickness, please order the HB690/35 with shallower flush pulls.

Available in a wide range of sizes and finishes, the Halliday + Baillie Flush Pulls are beautifully designed with concealed fixing (without exposed screw fasteners) for a pared back and sophisticated contemporary look.

The Halliday+Baillie HB 690 sliding door privacy set features an integrated push button-activated edge pull for pocketed doors. The operable snib slides upwards to engage the lock. The discrete emergency release can be operated with a pen or other small pointed object to disengage the lock from the outside. For narrower doors (35-38mm) flush pulls either side are shallower than the standard HB 690 flush pulls

In double door conditions, for the passive leaf specify the HB 697 Strike Body w/Edge Pull HB 697 and add HB 660 Flush Pulls HB Flush Pulls

Sold individually.

Made in New Zealand.

Suitable for timber or aluminum doors

Size: L 170mm (6.7") x W 36mm (1.4") x D 11mm (0.4")

HB 690 – Privacy Set with Snib Inside and Emergency Release Pull Outside
HB 692 – Snib In, Blank Out
HB 693 – Snib In, No Pull Out
HB 694 – Snib Pulls to Both Sides

Lockset Includes:

-HB 690 Series Lock Body
-2 Flush Pulls w/ HB 604 Timber Fixing Kits
-Strike and Dust Box
-Spindle (please specify door thickness)

*Please contact us if you need different configurations.

Glue, epoxy, silicone products etc are not required or recommended for installation.

Diecast zinc with brass and 316 stainless steel

  • SC: Satin Chrome
  • BC: Brushed Chrome
  • BN: Brushed Nickel
  • WHT: Powder Coat White
  • EBA: Powder Coat Electro ™ Black Ace
  • EMB: Powder Coat Electro ™ Medium Bronze

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