Introducing CASSON Resources - How to Select, Install and Care for Your Purchases

CASSON understands that picking hardware for a new project and design can sometimes feel like a job in itself. To help smooth the process and leave you feeling confident in your decisions, we've created our new Resources section. From selecting a finish to ordering door hardware we have you covered.

Many people's first concern when shopping for new door hardware is choosing the ideal style and finish to compliment their space. However, before we can help you finish your stunning new door, there are a few important questions to consider.  Continue

How do you pick the right finish for your space? Each has its own attributes, durability and different ways to care for them, making some perfect for the highly trafficked kitchen or others better to upgrade a precious antique. From aluminum to stainless, copper to brass we have you covered.  Continue

From the most classic of fittings to the most modern and contemporary, it's easy to incorporate living finishes into any interior. But what exactly is a living finish? And why are we so obsessed with it? Read on to learn more. Continue

worker powder coating a surface

Used to protect and decorate metal, both finishes are durable options for all interiors, but with some key differences. Read on to learn about how PVD and Powder Coating work for you and your hardwre. Continue

Stainless steel became a fixture in design over a century ago and has been a classic in home hardware ever since. Its unique qualities provide both practical and beautiful applications in interiors, showcasing streamline design while holding up to the messiness of everyday life. Read on to see how stainless steel can add function to your space. Continue →