Fritsjurgens pivot hinge
Fritsjurgens pivot hinge
Outdoor Fritsjurgens pivot hinge
Minimal flush Fritsjurgens pivot hinge
Bathroom door pivot hinge by Fritsjurgens
Bathroom door pivot hinge by Fritsjurgens
A room with a FritsJurgens Pivot Door Hinge System One and two chairs in it.
An empty room with a white wall and a chair, featuring the FritsJurgens Pivot Door Hinge System One by FritsJurgens.

FritsJurgens Pivot Door Hinge System One

Top Pivot
Floor Plate


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  • LEAD TIME: 3-5 weeks

System One is FritsJurgen's most compact Pivot Door Hinge with a single pivot point, offering a free-swing pivot door fabricated from solid stainless steel. 

The patented One model acts as a single pivot point without hold positions or self closing features. It is a simple, small and versatile pivot hinge. The simplicity of System One allows for free swing pivot doors that can easily be combined with door frames. The free rotation of the One System can be applied to both single and double pivot doors. Learn the basics of FritsJurgens systems here

If you require a pivot door with hold or self closing, please explore FritsJurgen System M. To explore other options, FristJurgens offers configurations for a variety of door features, use their online selector here. Shop the entire collection here.

Manufactured in the Netherlands.

Use online selector here or additional downloads below for further specification information.

L 162 mm (6.38") X W 32 mm (1.26") X H 18 mm (0.71")

Complete set includes: Top Pivot, Ceiling Plate, System One Pivot, Floor Plate and Mounting Package. 

FritsJurgens' System One is a compact, high-capacity pivot hinge system, capable of supporting doors up to 1,100 lbs. This system, designed for versatility, accommodates doors of any size and material, without a closer function. It's uniquely engineered for a free-swinging, 360° center-hung pivot operation.

Featuring the same bottom spindle as the System M/M+ line, System One allows the use of all the same floor plates, including flush-to-floor options that reduce the undercut to just 7mm. Plus, it's compatible with all existing FritsJurgens top pivots, including the new 40mm top pivot.

System One now includes magnetic cover plates in stainless or black, enhancing the aesthetics of your pivot door. Discover the full capabilities of FritsJurgens systems here.

Manufactured in the Netherlands.

Dimensions: L 162 mm (6.38") X W 32 mm (1.26") X H 18 mm (0.71")

Included in the set: Top Pivot, Ceiling Plate, System One Pivot, Floor Plate, and Mounting Package.

  • Door Acting:
    • Double-acting (360° rotation)
    • Single-acting (90° rotation)
  • Hold Positioning: Not specified
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 500 kg
  • Door Dimensions: Unlimited width and height
  • Pivot Point: Side and middle options
  • Minimum Door Thickness: 40 mm
  • Gaps:
    • Top gap: 4-10 mm
    • Bottom gap: 7-11 mm
  • Door Movement: 360° free-swinging pivot

Please provide the following details for accurate ordering:

Door Width, Height, Thickness, Material, Weight (up to 500 kg), Desired Pivot Location (70 mm or 40 mm), Interior/Exterior Door, Finish (Stainless steel).

Note: Your specifications may require additional accessories. Discuss with your sales agent for more details.

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