Square concrete vessel sinks. Over counter basins made of concrete.
Modern and minimal rectangular concrete sinks.
Minimal concrete sinks made in Greece.
Gray concrete sinks.
Immissio Washbasin
Immissio Washbasin
Modern bathroom counter with concrete sink.
Modern bathroom with minimal concrete washbasin sink.
Immissio Washbasin

Immissio Washbasin

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  • Estimated lead time is 4-6 weeks.

Designed and produced by the Urbi et Orbi Studio, the Immissio Basin Sink is cast in concrete. Contemporary and unique, these vessel sinks come in 6 colour options.

Made in Greece.

Pricing starts at $976 CAD.

Immissio 45
H 175 mm (6.9") (± 2%) X D 135-140 mm (5.3-5.5")
Edge thickness: 19 mm (0.7")

Immissio 60
H 165 mm (6.4") (± 2%) X D 115-130 mm (4.5-5.1")
Edge thickness: 20 mm (0.8")

Immissio 70
H 145 mm (5.7") (± 2%) X D 100-115 mm (3.4-4.5")
Edge thickness: 20 mm (0.8")

Sealed Concrete
Note: the concrete surface exhibits surface voids caused by the air. This is a natural property of concrete and is only visible on the external side of the washbasin.
Refer to our care guide for best practices.

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