Jules Knob
Jules Knob
Black Cabinets with Jules Knobs by Vincent Van Duysen

Jules Knob

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The Jules Knob expresses its character with its ergonomic shaping, with function leading its form. A smooth, rounded front creates a pleasant sightline and comfortable experience. The Jules Collection features a door edge pull, sliding door handle, a door lever, door knob, thumb turn, dressing handle, sliding pull and hook. 

The Jules collection places the integrity of the user at its core, and ensures his movements are comfortable and thoughtfully considered. The eight models of the ‘Jules’ collection present subtle and ergonomic shaping, refined detailing which combines elegance and functionality, and without sacrificing tradition. Made of solid brass and finished in a unique deep grey brown, Jules represents understated quality and craftsmanship. 

About the Designer

The work of Belgian designer Jules Wabbes serves as inspiration for  the ‘Jules’ collection expresses both sensuality and character with its deep brown finish. Designed by Belgian designer Vincent Van Duysen, Jules reflects the ethos of functionality, durability and comfort. 

Since 1905, Maison Vervloet has been creating luxurious, high-end hardware. One of Europe's last remaining ateliers of decorative hardware, Maison Vervloet creates objects of unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship. Employing master artisans, objects designed and crafted by Maison Vervloet are made to order. 

Designed by Vincent Van Duysen and made in Belgium.

Small: H 30 mm (1.2") X D 23 mm (0.9")
Medium: H 40 mm (1.5") X D 25 mm (1")
Large: H 60 mm (2.3") X D 30 mm (1.2")

Brass with customized oxidized finish. Custom finishes also available. Please contact us for more information.

Pre-drilling or pre-milling for hardware components is not recommended until all items are received and measured.

There may be slight variations that could affect the installation of your hardware as many pieces are hand finished/ fabricated. 

Casson is not responsible for any damages or inconveniences resulting from the improper installation of the hardware. 

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