Elegant brass door knob with round rose on a dark wood door. Beautifully and functionally designed.
Elegant brass door knob with square rose on a dark wood door. Beautifully and functionally designed.
Maison Finishes

Ballet Knob for Doors and Windows

Rose Style


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Designed by Stijn D'hondt, this door knob is part of his Ballet Collection which invokes a fluid movement. These knobs are the perfect accent to any door and are as comfortable as they are stylish.

Since 1905, Maison Vervloet has been creating luxurious, high-end hardware. One of Europe's finest ateliers of decorative hardware; Maison Vervloet creates objects of unparalleled beauty with quality craftsmanship. This product is a unique piece, made by hand by artisans.

Made in Belgium.

    Knob: L 80 mm (3.2"), W 15 mm (0.6")
    Rose 1000 (square) : Ø 40 mm (1.6")
    Rose 759 (round) : Ø 45 mm (1.8")

    NOTE: European roses are smaller than standard North American models. Please ensure all dimensions are carefully reviewed as these may not fit existing or pre-bored door holes.

    Polished Brass. Custom finishes available, please contact us for more information.

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