A close up of a Halliday Baillie HB 690 Flush Pull Privacy Lock on a door.
A white Halliday Baillie door with an HB 690 Flush Pull Privacy Lock handle on it.
Two Halliday Baillie HB 690 Flush Pull Privacy Locks.
A drawing of a Halliday Baillie HB 690 Flush Pull Privacy Lock door handle and latch.
A close up of a Halliday Baillie HB 690 Flush Pull Privacy Lock on a white door.
A bunch of different types of Halliday Baillie windows and doors, including the HB 690 Flush Pull Privacy Lock.

HB 690 Flush Pull Privacy Lock

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The HB690 privacy sliding door lock includes a snib flush pull inside and emergency release flush pull outside for safe, efficient, locking on bathroom and washroom pocket door sliders.

It comes with a small recessed end pull for easy use to pull the slider from the pocket. Minimum door thickness required is 38mm. For door 35mm-38mm thickness, please order the HB690/35 with shallower flush pulls.

Available in a wide range of sizes and finishes, the Halliday + Baillie Flush Pulls are beautifully designed with concealed fixing (without exposed screw fasteners) for a pared back and sophisticated contemporary look.

The Halliday+Baillie HB 690 sliding door privacy set features an integrated push button-activated edge pull for pocketed doors. The operable snib slides upwards to engage the lock. The discrete emergency release can be operated with a pen or other small pointed object to disengage the lock from the outside. For narrower doors (35-38mm) flush pulls either side are shallower than the standard HB 690 flush pulls

In double door conditions, for the passive leaf specify the HB 697 Strike Body w/Edge Pull HB 697 and add HB 660 Flush Pulls HB Flush Pulls

Sold individually.

Made in New Zealand.

Suitable for timber or aluminum doors

Size: L 170mm (6.7") x W 36mm (1.4") x D 11mm (0.4")

HB 690 – Privacy Set with Snib Inside and Emergency Release Pull Outside
HB 692 – Snib In, Blank Out
HB 693 – Snib In, No Pull Out
HB 694 – Snib Pulls to Both Sides

Lockset Includes:

-HB 690 Series Lock Body
-2 Flush Pulls w/ HB 604 Timber Fixing Kits
-Strike and Dust Box
-Spindle (please specify door thickness)

*Please contact us if you need different configurations.

Glue, epoxy, silicone products etc are not required or recommended for installation.

Diecast zinc with brass and 316 stainless steel

  • SC: Satin Chrome
  • BC: Brushed Chrome
  • BN: Brushed Nickel
  • WHT: Powder Coat White
  • EBA: Powder Coat Electro ™ Black Ace
  • EMB: Powder Coat Electro ™ Medium Bronze

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