a Mi & Gei silver ring with a hole in the middle.
A row of Mi & Gei lounge chairs sitting next to a swimming pool.
a Mi & Gei Forme No. 11 Oval Towel Bar on a white background.
a Mi & Gei Forme No. 11 Oval Towel Bar on a white background.

Forme No. 11 Oval Towel Bar

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The Forme No. 11 Oval Towel Bar is perfect to use to hold a hand towel near the sink, or keep one close hand by the shower.

Designed as a jewel for the house, the metal contrasting perfectly with the organic lines of the piece. Warm and rustic, these solid brass pieces thoughtfully combine French aesthetics with traditional Indian design techniques. Hand cast in Mumbai, the Libre Forme series is as versatile as it is unique.

Made in India, with recycled Brass.

Mi & Gei designs are created by explorers and inspired by the world.  Eschewing modern industrial practices for old world techniques, each item breathes poetry into everyday objects. 


L 215 mm (8.5") X  W 115 (4.5")

Mounting screws for wall included. M5 X 50MM – 2 PCS

Solid cast brass.

Available in brass and nickel finishes.

Note: materials are not lacquered and will age and oxidize over time. The finish is neither polished or brushed, but rather is marked from the casting process and combines both reflective and rough matte areas on a speckled surface. Refer to our care guide for best practices.

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