Shayne Fox Cabinet Hardware Pyra Collection in Bronze
Cast bronze cabinet hardware. Beautiful and modern.
Pyramidal shaped cabinet hardware cast in bronze. Set in nest.
Pyra collection from Shayne Fox Hardware. Bronze hardware for the ages.
Full Pyra Collection of modern bronze knobs and handles. Made in Toronto.
7" cabinet handle from Pyra collection in bright bronze.
7" cabinet handle from Pyra collection in warm bronze.
12" cabinet handles in bright bronze with modern shape.
12" cabinet handles in warm bronze with modern shape.
Shayne Fox Finishes

Pyra Handle

Original priceDhs. 134.00
  • This item is hand crafted and has varying lead times between 8-12+ weeks.

The Pyra series is the latest collection from Toronto designer Shayne Fox. Inspired in part by ancient step pyramid architecture and the casting process itself, this series has a sleek and slight pyramidal form.

Great for modern, contemporary, traditional, industrial, and even art deco styling.

We love the weight, and the surface subtleties that result when molten bronze is cooled in sand molds and then hand finished.  

After the casting process, the pieces are meticulously tapped for bolts and then tumbled to achieve a supple satin matte finish. To preserve the original appearance and prevent natural patina development, a lacquer and wax coating is applied to all bright and warm bronze items. This enhances their luster and provides long-lasting protection. However, upon special request, items can be left natural and unlacquered, allowing them to develop a unique patina over time, showcasing a 'living finish' characteristic. Contact us for special request finishes.

All designing and manufacturing takes place in Toronto, Canada, with Shayne Fox at the helm.

7": L 178 mm (7") X W 14 mm (0.56") X D 31 mm (1.2") [Centre to Centre: 102mm /4"] 
12": L 305mm (12") X W 19 mm (0.75") X D 30 mm (1.18") [Centre to Centre: 203mm/8"]

Solid Cast Bronze. Note: materials are not lacquered and will age and oxidize over time. These pieces are hand cast leaving them with a unique textured surface. Refer to our care guide for best practices.

Pre-drilling or pre-milling for hardware components is not recommended until all items are received and measured.

There may be slight variations that could affect the installation of your hardware as many pieces are hand finished/ fabricated. 

Casson is not responsible for any damages or inconveniences resulting from the improper installation of the hardware. 

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