Qtoo Single Hole Sensor Tap Set
Qtoo Single Hole Sensor Tap Set
Qtoo Single Hole Sensor Tap Set
Qtoo Single Hole Sensor Tap Set
Qtoo Single Hole Sensor Tap Set
Qtoo Single Hole Sensor Tap Set
Qtoo Single Hole Sensor Tap Set
Qtoo Single Hole Sensor Tap Set

Qtoo Single Hole Sensor Tap Set

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The Qtoo Single Hole Sensor Tap is a top mounted faucet with integrated touch free technology. Temperature remains controlled making the Sensor tap perfect for commercial space and public sanitary applications. Motion activated technology gives Qtoo Sensor Taps functionality and an amplified hygiene factor. 

The taps feature a battery lifetime of 4.6 – 8.4 years depending on usage and an optional cleaning mode of 60 seconds for the maintenance team. Each piece requires pairing with a Flexbox that is easily installed, accessed and protects the electronic parts. 

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Released in 2022, Qtoo is a collection of high-end bathroom taps and accessories in timeless Danish design. The Qtoo collection bathtub system of spouts, shower-heads and control unit combinations are for mixing and matching to personal taste and need, whether paired with traditional bathtubs, or those with integrated water-filling. 

A yearlong collaboration with award winning Danish design studio Hans Thyge & Co, the Qtoo collections feature an expressive look and technical features, embodying the maxim "form follows function." 

These items can be paired with other items from the Knud Holscher Collection from d line, such as the touchless soap dispenser, touchless paper dispenser and the manual paper towel dispenser

Made in Europe.

The Qtoo line has prioritized sustainability and health by creating products that have been built-to-last with a 10 year warranty and ensuring that the taps are lead-free, allergy-friendly, and GDV and NSF/ANS161-certified, providing exceptionally clean water with low amounts of heavy metals. 

Items from the collection can be purchased as a set, or for more customized solutions, this line can be assembled as a kit-of-parts. Installation is seamless with internal hardware that allows simple leveling, guaranteed spacing and minimal connections.

Perfect for both commercial and residential applications, Qtoo is produced in certified marine grade stainless steel providing unparalleled excellence in environmental sustainability and water purity. The taps and fixtures showcase timeless aesthetics while also delivering extraordinary resistance to cleaning products, humidity, and have been leakage-tested at 15 bar. 

Ø 43 mm (1.6") x H 145 mm (5.7") x Projection 130 mm (5.1")

      • Fixed Spout
      • Built-in aerator
      • Height to aerator: 70 mm (2.7")
      • Low battery: 1 blink every 5 seconds (10 days)
      • Empty battery: 1 blink every 5 seconds (until completely empty - and then no water supply)
      • Water flow rate limited to max. 1.3 gpm 5.0 litre
      • Comfort time out: 2 sec.
      • Security time out: 30 sec.
      • Automatic rinse cycle (deactivated)
      • Use with Flexbox QSF01
      • Temperature control in Flexbox
      • Max. work pressure: 8 bar
      • Lead free compliant
      • QTOO is fully tested and certified according to ASME and complies with North American standards for drinking water
      • QTOO Stainless Steel components have a 20 year part warranty and a 5 year finish warranty for PVD coatings

Installation should be completed by a professional plumber for residential and commercial applications.

Marine-grade Stainless Steel (AISI 316). Available in 8 finishes:

        • Polished Stainless Steel
        • Satin Stainless Steel
        • PVD Polished Charcoal
        • PVD Satin Charcoal
        • PVD Polished Brass
        • PVD Satin Brass
        • PVD Polished Copper
        • PVD Satin Copper
        • Powder Coated Matte Black

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