2021 Tie-Up

Our Favourite Things
 To mark the end of a truly wild year, we wanted to take stock of some of our favourites. We’ve picked the tastiest local places to eat, the best spots to shop, and some special items that we love. We hope you do too! 


THING - Binu Binu Soap https://binu-binu.com/

Inspired by the intergenerational communal spirit of Korean bathhouse culture, Binu Binu’s collection of natural bar soaps form a connection between modern minimalist design and traditional practices. "The super mild soap makes a great gift for even the most sensitive skins." 


CASSON - Interconnect Candle Holder Sculptural is a word that can be overused in design, but it’s hard to think of a better one to describe this simple yet dynamic brass candle holder. It’s slightly off balance look creates tension, elevating the basic candle to the height of drama. 

FOOD - Daldongae BBQ No CASSON party is complete without Jane ordering enough food for twenty people, even though we only have six people on staff. So, when she recommends a place to eat, take notice. Daldongae BBQ is an authentic Korean barbecue experience. “Don’t skip the Korean egg rolls.” 

 SHOP - Gaspard Shop https://gaspardshop.com/

"You know that friend you have, the one who is always elegantly put together and has a home filled with treasures from around the world? The one who always points you in the direction of a new store, brand or detail? Well, Gaspard is that friend turned into a shop. “If you hurry, their archival sale, the Gaspard Destock is happening until Christmas eve for the perfect last minute gift."


CASSON - Slim Pull - An exemplar of scandi design, the Slim Pull is a thin profile pull available in multiple lengths and many finishes. “A CASSON best seller, the pull matches traditional rooms, contemporary kitchens, and - with custom colour available on request - any design you can imagine.” 

FOOD - Forno Cultura - What happens when brilliant architectural minds decide to turn to baking? Exciting, restrained and sophisticated flavours that reflect the heritage of Italian techniques. Rustic sourdough is tinged with olives and sundried tomatoes, pastries are herbaceous, rich and never too sweet. For a perfect gift that mails well, have them whip up a cookie box. 

 PLACE - High Park Nail Bar - 3114 Dundas St W, Toronto, T: (416) 766-9988

"I always recommend this place to friends and they are never disappointed." This nail salon can do complicated nail art, but also can nail (pun-intended) the simple shellac mani. "It's affordable but still high quality."


CASSON - Ridge Number (Custom Finish) - The ridge detail is formed inevitably from the mold of the casting process. Have your number or letter custom finished in a RAL powder coat finish to add an extra layer of shine and personality.

FOOD - Donna's - So easy to pre-order online, the Zen breakfast sandwich, potato tortilla and a coffee is the PERFECT way to start your day. All the flavors are so unique and make it feel like your discovering something new every time.

THING - Book of Hours -  https://www.thebookofhours.ca/. 

A simple day planner made by April Martin and Zoë Wonfor, it includes astrological details and where to look in the night sky to see Jupiter, Mars and Venus. "I love this planner, it has room to add everything you need, but it also feels so special and made with love." 

CASSON - Cercle Pull - Designed by Toronto designer Maha Alavi, this collection of pulls showcases simple forms with a beautiful surface finish in a variety of materials. They add a little bit of glimmer to any surface and have the perfect hand feel that make them extra special!

FOOD - Pasta Forever - New on Dundas Street West (1693 to be exact), this pasta shop serving up all kinds of specialty goods will provide you with the perfect dinner ingredients for a cosy night in.


SHOP - Castor Design for Houseplant

Toronto-based Castor Design has been collaborating with some big names and making truly astounding things, but Jade’s pick is definitely this marble lighter for Seth Rogen's Houseplant. “It functions as a piece of art, and also makes sure no one can pocket my lighter."


CASSON - Karl-Johan Wall Lamp “My goal has always been to live in a hobbit hole, and this round light with wood accents allows me to live my dream.” For those less familiar with hobbit aesthetics, what she means is arts and crafts-style emphasis on wood, soft lighting and low ceilings. So, a perfect match for the Karl Johann wall lamp. 

FOOD - Good Behaviour As someone who works at the CASSON studio, our neighbourhood sandwich shop Good Behaviour has - without a hint of exaggeration - saved Jade’s life. “Highly recommend the meatball or turkey sandwich, and maybe add moosetracks ice cream if you’re feeling cheeky.”

THING - Anastasia Brow Freeze

Reem is our makeup guru, providing guidance to the entire CASSON team on everything from highlighter to setting spray. Her number one pick? The perennial classic Anastasia Bro Freeze, “This product gives you that sexy, flawless full brow of your dreams.” 

CASSON - Pond Mirror A favourite of CASSON staff, there was a fight over which one of us could pick it for the end of year round up. Minimal, classic, avant-garde, the pond mirror unites gen z, elder millennial and even those who may be best described as reluctantly gen x. Reem describes it as “such an aesthetic mirror, perfect for that elegant touch to every room.”  

FOOD - Naan Kabob With five locations around the city, Naan Kabob is delicious, healthy and convenient. “I love all food, but definitely eat at Naan Kabob the most.”


THING - Laneige Lip Mask

This lip mask is a game changer, just go to sleep and wake up with soft, comfy lips. “It’s easy to use and smells super nice!” 

CASSON - Fossil Hooks These hooks look great together, but just one also makes a statement. “I want to hang my chains off the red one.” 

FOOD - Banjara A landmark of Bloor, Banjara is a classic for a reason. Offering Northern and Southern Indian food, it’s a perfect place to go with friends or get takeout.