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  • Ludlow Towel Ring
    Ludlow Towel Ring

    Ludlow Towel Ring


    Description Offering a simple take on the classic towel ring, this product adds warmth and character with the combination of brass and leather. Ha...

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  • pond trivets by ferm living
    pond trivets by ferm living
    Ferm Living

    Pond Trivets

    2 colors available

    Description Mirroring the organic irregularities of moving water, the Pond Trivets come as a set of three brass rings to use on the dinner table. ...

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  • ferm living toolbox
    ferm living toolbox
    Ferm Living

    Grib Toolbox

    4 colors available

    Description The Grib Toolbox is a handy solution for your various indoor and outdoor needs. Made from powder-coated metal, the gentle curves of it...

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  • kitchen rod by ferm living
    kitchen rod by ferm living
    Ferm Living

    Ferm Kitchen Rod

    2 colors available

    Description A light and beautiful storage solution for your kitchen tools and textiles, the kitchen rod lets you clear the table easily. Use it wi...

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  • brass bottle opener
    brass bottle opener
    Ferm Living

    Fein Bottle Opener


    Description Open every bottle with the functional yet beautiful brass bottle opener. When you don’t use it, you can easily leave it out in the kit...

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  • Pyra hand cast bronze hanging rack.
    Pyra hand cast bronze hanging rack.
    Shayne Fox

    Pyra Hanging Rack

    from $175.00
    3 colors available

    Description This 18" long, solid cast bronze mitered handle is a multi purpose thing of beauty. It can be used as a cabinet handle, an appliance pu...

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  • ferm paper towel holder
    ferm paper towel holder
    Ferm Living

    Ferm Paper Towel Holder


    Description Ferm Living uses a classic combination of marble and brass for the Ferm Paper Towel Holder. This holder is an elegant accessory for yo...

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  • Ceramic bowl by Schneid Studio
    Ceramic bowl by Schneid Studio

    Dais Bowl

    2 colors available

    Description The curved silhouette and rhythmical structure of the Dais bowl took inspiration from the aesthetics of topographic and architect...

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  • cork coaster by ferm living
    cork coaster by ferm living
    Ferm Living

    Cork Coaster


    Description The Cork Coaster can be used on the table for hot pots, pans, and tea pots, adding the perfect dose of personality and uniqueness to a...

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