All your questions about mudd. concrete sinks answered

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mudd. concrete sinks are designed and manufactured in Ontario. 

mudd transforms sinks into objects of interior design that unite craft, experimentation and art to reinvent the ordinary. Elevating the natural material, mudd sinks are organic, timeless and available in multiple colourways. 

 Read on to learn more. 

What is a concrete sink? Why use one?

A concrete sink is a basin made from concrete. High quality concrete sinks will be sealed and waxed, and should appear smooth to the touch and repel water easily. 

The benefits of concrete are an organic, soft textual experience with the qualities of stone but without the upkeep, while also providing flexibility in style, shape and design. 

While many may think of easily diy-able sinks, quality concrete basins should also have fibre reinforcement for structural integrity. Without that, basins are liable to crack or damage with regular use or wear and tear. 

mudd. concrete sinks come in seven shapes and fifteen different finishes.  

What separates mudd. concrete sinks from other concrete sinks? 

mudd. products are handcrafted by trained artisans with locally sourced, natural materials to produce a high performance concrete with fibre reinforcement for structural integrity.

mudd. concrete sinks are sealed with a durable, high performance, water-based sealer applied in a 6-layer process. Unlike porous concrete you might be expecting, this finish is super smooth and incredibly durable.

Depending on usage and care, you can expect your mudd. sink to last 10+ years. 

mudd. concrete sinks.

What is the concrete sealed with?

All mudd. concrete sinks are sealed with a durable, high performance, water-based sealer which will fully cure and bond to the concrete material within 2-3 weeks of the seal date. The sealer is a breathable, protective coating applied to the naturally porous material in a 6-layer process.

Can I use my sink right away?

Once delivered, your sink will have recently gone through our 6-layer sealing process. This sealer takes 2-3 weeks to completely cure and harden. We recommend limiting your use during this period. The sealed date will be clearly listed on the documentation accompanying your sink shipment. If you install three-weeks after this seal date, use as normal!

What finishes do they come in?

mudd. concrete sinks come in fifteen finishes, including (mid gray - ash, warm beige - mocha, light gray - smoke, white - cotton, black - midnight), warm colours (burgundy - berry, terracotta - mousse, light yellow - peach, light pink - rose) and blues (icey light blue - mist, dark blue - denim, nany - navy, dark green - forest). 

Each colour is treated identically, and your mudd sink will have a smooth, slightly polished finish. 

How will I know if my finish will match? 

Colours as they appear on screen are never a perfect match to how they will look in person. To give you the best chance to ensure a perfect match, we offer samples both individually and as a set.

Many factors affect how a colour will show in your space; the juxtaposition of other finishes and colours, the quality and amount of light will all result in a finish appearing slightly different. For the best match, once you receive your sample, be sure to bring it to the room it will be placed in and in the lighting you will be using the space. 

My sample feels rough?

All mudd. concrete samples are unsealed, so are only for colour matching purposes. mudd sinks are sealed, and have a smooth, polished appearance.

mudd. concrete samples

Will my finish change? How?

The gorgeous patina that will form on your mudd. concrete sink is a desirable feature, one that will evolve with time. Like aged leather or unlaquered brass, polished, sealed concrete is a living finish. With use, sink will develop a patina and saturation.  

I have a very small space, can I use a mudd. concrete sink?

mudd sinks offer seven different sizing options, from small wall affixed, to larger countertop models, to provide you with a the perfect sink for your space. 

We recommend the smaller models from the Affix line for powder rooms or small spaces, such as the square Yarra or circular Odet

Moreover, all models of mudd. concrete are intentionally symmetrical, so that they can be flipped, turned and re-oriented depending on the space

Will my installed sink show the embossed artisan mark?

mudd. concrete sinks feature an embossed mark on the exterior of the sink to gaurantee provenance and reflect the artisan craftsmanship. 

Because mudd sinks are symmetrical and be installed in any orientation, you can install the sink to either display or hide the aritisan mark. 

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How do I care for my sink?

Concrete is an incredibly durable material, however, as concrete is a living finish, it's important to wipe up quickly after oily or acidic spills. 

Clean the sink with mild soap and warm mater. 

  • Do not use harsh cleaners, either acidic, basic or abrasive, on your mudd sink. Such cleaners could damage the sealant used, and may leave a light stain.

  • Oil based cleansers will darken the finish, which will lighten over time.  

  • Much like porcelain or ceramic sinks, sharp objects may scratch the surface. Please use care, 

Do I need to worry about thermal shock?

All solid surface basins, concrete, natural stone, glass, and ceramic, can crack due to thermal shock when exposed to environmental factors, such as a combination of extreme heat and extreme cold. 

The sudden drastic temperature change from pouring scalding water into a cold sink could easily cause a crack and is the most common cause for problems. The most common bathtub and washbasin area where the thermal shock cracks form is the area directly under the bath filler or faucet spout. 

To avoid damage to your sink, avoid prolonged temperature exposure (hours) and avoid shocking the sink with extremely hot or cold temperatures.

terracotta mudd sink
green mudd sink

Do mudd. concrete sinks come with fixtures?

mudd sinks are basin only. For faucets and hardware shop our favourite line of bathware, d line's QTOO.

What kind of drain do I need?

The drain opening in mudd. sinks was designed to be gradual/stepped and accommodate a variety of different drain sizes/types. Drains without overflow and up to a 3" outer diameter are suitable. The opening on all of our basins is 44mm (1-3/4" diameter) which is compatible with standard 1-1/4" - 1-1/2" thread sizes.In settings where overflow is a requirement, grid drains are a compatible alternative.

What type of faucet should I get?

mudd countertop basins are compatible with both deck-mounted and wall-mounted faucets.  mudd wall-hung basins under the Affix Collection are suitable with wall-mounted faucets only.

Can I use a pop-up drain with my sink?

Pop-up drains, without overflow, are compatible with mudd sinks (up to a 3" outermost diameter).

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