Bright and Bold Home Accessories for a Pop of Style

As the seasons change there is a need to bring bold colours inside. These bright strokes add a playful essence to even those most serious of spaces. Use colour with sculptural shapes for a unique touch, or pair with restrained or minimal lines for a more sophisticated feel. Below is a roundup of our favourite ways to add colour!  


1. Cherry Pendant -  Esaila 
The cherry lamp is proof minimalism doesn't equal less as more. Containing a magnet, the wood cylinders effortlessly bundle together to form clusters, making limitless arrangements possible. Hang in bunches like the ripe cherries they are. Also available in green, grey black and natural.


2. Branch Rubber Hook - Sugastsune
Available in a playful array of colours, these small, little Branch Rubber Hooks by Japanese hardware heavyweights Sugatsune helps to organize everything! 

3. Fat Hardware - D Line
Generously curved, soft and without a hint of angularity - Tom Dixon’s fat handle from D Line comes in an energizing electric blue. Made to order. 


4. Fossil Hooks - Schneid

Asymmetrical and organic, the fossil hooks by Schneid are works of art you can use. Their shape evokes nature, contrasting with their bright candy coated glaze, these sculptural hooks elevate the every day.  Available individually or as a set.


casson collage showing bright and colourful products

1. Strap Pull  - Chapman & Bose
Handcrafted in Ontario, Chapman and Bose are more known for their traditionally toned leather hardware. However, these beauties come in olive, red, blue, white and grey, and show how subdued colour can brighten.


2. Misto - Umbra
Umbra is known for affordable but high quality mirrors, and the Misto is no exception. It's frameless, graceful oval shape creates lightness, and it’s clear to rose copper gradient adding a flattering and unexpected touch.

3. Wire Numbers - Nak Nak
These bendy numbers don't sacrifice readability for whimsy, though they do have that in spades. Coming in yellow, turquoise, white and red these bright numbers are sure to make your house stand out.  

Coming soon, our inaugural bathware collection is available in grass green to powder blue, sunny yellow to intense red. This line is fabricated in Ontario and combine fluid lines with functional and durable finishes. Available in custom coat finishes, talk with us about how BENDE can be used in your space

5. Grip Tool Box - Ferm
Neutrals can have the impact of bright colour, like this powder-coated Grip Tool Box from Ferm. This open tool box can be used for storing anything you want at hand: from gardening supplies to remote controls.  Available in black, cashmere, light grey and olive. 

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