Winter Refresh - How to Use Wall Hooks in Your Space

Control Seasonal Clutter

Using Wall Hooks

Now that it's winter, we are starting to realize just how much stuff we need at arms reach. As temperatures dip coats, hats, and scarves begin clutter already full entryways.

Luckily, CASSON has you covered. Find a wall hook that will match your style and add ease to rushed mornings.   

From multiple hooks that organize your space for you, to single hooks to be used alone or in designed constellations, browse our collection of designed minded wall solutions.

The Catch All

The Afteroom Hook by Menu is perfect for small spaces that have a lot of stuff. 

The large rack includes six wall hooks that can be hung horizontally or vertically, perfect for your hat, his scarf, the dog's leash and more. 

Made of powder coated zinc alloy, it's durable and light. The flat, circular heads of each hanger keeps your items secure and safe from slippage.  

The Afteroom Coat Hanger draws its references from Bauhaus, and is a simple yet sophisticated hanging system for coats, clothes or life's accessories. Easily fixed to the wall, the Afteroom Coat Hanger has  all screws hidden to compliment the minimalistic and clean aesthetic. 

Try in a kids room or small foyer. Available in black, white and brass (special order). Love the look but need a smaller option? Try the Small Afteroom Coat Hanger.

Afteroom Six Hook Wall Hook

The Jewel

Evocative of modern jewelry, the Chanterelle Hook from Ferm Living was fittingly designed by jewelry designer Helena Rohner, who brought her organic aesthetic sense to a line of wall accessories. 

Made of solid metal, the Chanterelle Hook is available in Nickel and Brass finishes.

With organic lines and a designer's touch, we recommend pairing this wall hook with the smaller Mushroom Hook from Ferm (see right) for a functional entry with style.  

The Chanterelle Hook can also be utilized as a cabinet or drawer pull. 

ferm living chanterelle hook in nickel finish

Simple & Minimal

Fabricated in Toronto, Charlie Hooks can fit any space from the industrial to the eclectic. Available in styles like the slender Pencil hook to the chunky Angular double hook, there is a Charlie Hook perfect for your foyer, mudroom or hallway. CBH products are available in multiple finishes and are designed to be used together.

Charlie Nail Hook - A simple straight wall hook inspired by one of the simplest building tools.

Charlie Hook - A minimal wall hook with two arms, and matching visible screws. 

Pencil Hook - Narrower than the Charlie Nail Hook a discrete hook perfect for small spaces. 

Angular Hook - A chunky double wall hook, perfect in polished brass for a glam effect. 

Round Hook - Featuring a semi-circular single hook, the graphic Round Hook is a playful and functional entry way addition. 

Bumper Hook - Have unused space behind the door? Consider this part door stop part wall hook.

Wedge Hook - The tiniest hook, perfect for discrete uses. Try lined up under a shelf. 

Single Hook - A simple bent wall hook with a charming disposition. Use in a playroom. 

flatlat of charlie hooks on grey background

Think Outside the Hook

Open shelving in kitchens has introduced us the functional and stylish Wall Rack, a rod with s hooks used to hold pots, utensils and even plants or art. However, we love using the multifunctional rack in lieu of wall hooks as compact wall storage in entryways and bedrooms. 

Try installing on the back of a passage door to maximize space, or in a narrow hallway to allow storage for bags and coats without a deep projection. The wall rack keeps winter essentials at arms reach without sacrificing space.

The Shayne Fox Pyra Hanging Rack is hand-crafted and made to order. Deliciously natural brass finishes make a touchable, eclectic and sturdy rack that can be hung directly to shelf (left) or to the wall with the pyra wall plate. A true timeless storage solution. 

The Ferm Kitchen Rod comes with 6 closed loop S hooks to stop hooks from slipping off, and is designed to hold up to 5 kgs (11 lb). Use brass for a traditional touch, or black for minimal spaces. 

Pyra hanging rack by shayne fox

Touchable Texture

With hand-honed finished from sand casted brass or nickel, Mi & Gei provides earthy organic finishes. Artful designs, such as the Forme no. 6 Hook to the left, combine function and beauty for an eclectic statement. 

Truly functional art, Mi & Gei wall hooks use hand finished brass and nickel to create modern heirlooms. 

We recommend a single wall hook as an accent in an under utilized space, or three in a row as a place for guests to hang their coats. 

Libre Forme No. 4 - a little nugget of a wall hook with a unique finish that demands to be touched. 

Libre Forme No. 5 Hook - A large art deco inspired circular hook, best suited for bags and heavy coats. A statement piece. 

Libre Forme No. 7 Hook - A stunning rough, open circular hook perfect for any space. 

Libre Forme No. 9 Hook - A statement piece for the wall, the arched Forme No. 9 is a heavy duty hook designed to be seen. 

two brass form hook no. 6 by mi and gie on wall