Introducing QTOO - Award Winning Danish Design for Bathroom Fixtures

Introducing Qtoo from d line, a range of bathroom fixtures, faucets and taps that combines heritage quality design with state-of-the-art technology.

Qtoo is a collection of high-end bathroom taps and accessories in timeless Danish design.

Perfect for commercial and residential applications, Qtoo is produced in certified marine grade stainless steel providing unparalleled excellence in environmental sustainability and water purity. Qtoo believes in living with beautiful design, outstanding quality, environmental responsibility and solutions that benefit our health.

Created between long-time collaborators, leading Danish design brand d Line and award-winning design firm Hans Thyge & Co, the pieces combine refined delicate curves with flawlessly arranged geometric lines. 

The taps and fixtures showcase timeless aesthetics while also delivering extraordinary resistance to cleaning products, humidity, and have been leakage-tested at 15 bar. 

The QTOO line has prioritized sustainability and health by using marine grade stainless steel. 

The entire line of QTOO products that have been built-to-last with a 10 year warranty and ensuring that the taps are lead-free, allergy-friendly, and GDV and NSF/ANS161-certified, providing exceptionally clean water with low amounts of heavy metals. 

This range integrates harmoniously into a variety of environments, appropriate for private residences, commercial structures, government offices or cultural centres. Taps are available as wall hanging or counter top mounted, with or without sensor technology, and in three attractive PVD metal finishes. Items from the collection can be purchased as a set, or for more customized solutions, this line can be assembled as a kit-of-parts.  

Installation is seamless with internal hardware that allows simple levelling, guaranteed spacing and minimal connections. 

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Each element of the Qtoo tap system is perfectly minimal, with every detail precision-designed around function whether paired with traditional bathtubs, or those with integrated water-filling. Every piece is designed to be wall-mounted, and to sit horizontally in a row with the others. 

Qtoo Collection Taps are all about balanced proportions. The tap is operated with a single lever that moves softly to turn the water on, and maneuvers just as seamlessly to adjust temperature or flow.

Available in multiple finishes.


The Qtoo Collection system of spouts, showerheads and control unit combinations are for mixing and matching to personal taste and need.

Each element of the Shower Set is perfectly minimal, with every detail precision-designed around function. Each piece is designed to be wall-mounted, and to sit horizontally in a row with the others. The control unit operates the water and flow, and adjusts the temperature.


Thermostatic showers make slight adjustments to changes in water pressure, ensuring that shower temperature is consistent and can be set to the temperature of your choosing. Thermostatic showers are ideal for two-way tap options as they maintain flow rates and water pressure in both faucet heads. 

The hand shower is a simple baton symmetrically punctuated with holes and attached to a cord for ease of use.