Roundup: Soap Up!

Hygiene in private or public space is a necessity, but it shouldn’t be an after thought. From rounded pumps for home, to clean-lined sanitizers meant for public use - there is a sanitation station that will fit seamlessly with the rest of your design.   

At Home:

Displaying soap or hand sanitizer in a functional and eye pleasing way is easier than ever with these products. 

1. Norm Soap Pump - MENU
Norm’s Bath series is functional and hygienic. With it’s round shape and a simple touch of the brushed steel lid to dispenses soap, the Norm soap pump a friendly, playful must-have . Its minimalist design ensures easy use, cleaning and refilling. A timeless edition to your bathroom. Also comes in a wall-mounted version. 

2. Penguin Pump - UMBRA
The Penguin Pump is a cute and colourful hand soap, lotion, or sanitizer pump, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Shaped like its namesake, it features a soft touch for kids and adults and a thin vertical window so you can always see how much is left.

3. Pebble Soap Pump - D Line 
Playful and pleasant, this soap dispenser is part of D Line’s Pebble collection. Luxurious and functional, the collection features lively elliptical shapes, including matching door lever, bathroom accessories and hooks.


4. ONE Soap dispenser - FORMANI  
Designed in the Netherlands, by the renowned Piet Boon, this timeless and classic soap pump is part of the ONE collection. Its classic design pairs perfectly with modern, transitional and industrial styling. 


 A collage of CASSON soap pumps for public spaces

In Public:

An important part of public health - soap dispensers can also be a functional point of design. See below for our award-winning collection of public sanitary options. 

1.  Knud - D Line
Designed by Knud Holscherthe sleek floor standing touchless dispenser features rounded edges and functional circular hole detailing, all while embracing the latest innovations in motion-sensor technology. Made of rust-resistant, non-corrosive AISI 316 stainless steel, the Knud is an investment that will last for years.

2.  Bjork - Dan Dryer 
The Bjork Touch-Free Soap or Sanitizer Dispenser is an award-winning design, featuring unbroken lines and a slender, almost weightless look. Functional and modern, it’s the perfect solution for commercial spaces. Also available in a manual version. 

3.  Loki - Dan Dryer
Dan Dryer’s commercial sanitary products are award winning Danish design that combines form and function. Loki has a narrow, minimalist profile, but fits enough product for between 450 and 635 uses. In touch and touch-free options. 

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