Door Hardware Sets

This door hardware collection includes all necessary components for easy add-to-cart purchasing. Featuring popular styles, these sets are ready for immediate order.

For additional styles and designers, work with our team to build custom configurations by pressing the button below.

Image of white door with black passage door handle lever and console with vase and plants

Passage Door Hardware

Passage door hardware is perfect for spaces such as interior hallways, closets, and rooms where privacy is not a concern. Unlike dummy knobs, which are stationary, passage door sets turn and latch.

Passage Sets includes a pair of door lever or knobs + internal latch component.
Beautiful wood grain door with brass door hardware including door lever and thumb turn

Privacy Door Hardware

Privacy door hardware is typically used for bathrooms and other rooms such as primary bedrooms that require an ability to lock. Some are paired with a separate thumb turn and others have an integrated lock.

Privacy Sets include a pair of door lever or knobs + locking mechanism + internal lock component.

Dummy Door Hardware

Dummy door hardware features fixed, non-turning knobs or handles ideal for doors without a need for a latch mechanism, like those on closet doors. To keep these doors closed, alternatives like magnetic latches or self-closing hinges are commonly used. Select single for single doors or full/ double sets based on your door application.

Dummy Sets include the door lever(s) or knob(s) + fixing adapter. Catches/ closers/ latches sold separately.

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