Beautiful modern and contemporary brass barn door hardware. Made in Canada
Brass Barn Door Detail
Elegant Brass Barn Door Hardware

Brassy Beau Barn Door Hardware FACE MOUNT

Original priceDhs. 2,192.00
  • This item is made to order and has an estimated lead time of 3-6 weeks.

This beautiful brass barn door hardware is hand finished brushed brass and equipped with premium nylon wheels. A functional showstopper for sliding doors.

The track can be customized to exact length.

Please contact us and answer the below questions for a customized detailed quote:

Style: Top Mount/ Face Mount/ Bi-Part
Finish: Brass/ Raw Steel/ Stainless Steel/ Black
Pre drilled or Not drilled:  ***PLEASE NOTE: if you chose NOT PREDRILLED, there will still be a drill a hole 1.5″ in from each end so that the track can be hung up for powder coating. 

Made and designed in Toronto by the local maker studio 1925Workbench.

Pre-Drilled vs. Non Pre-Drilled Holes

  • Pre-drilling available, please specify when ordering. Please select if the track should be pre-drilled, or not pre-drilled. If you will be drilling on site, select not pre-drilled. 
  • Pre-drilled is 14.75” – 17.25” spaced evenly along the track.
  • Pre-drilled tracks must be mounted on a backing piece to ensure the door clears  baseboards or moldings.
  • Not pre-drilled tracks require drilling on site and can be installed directly to the wall  if baseboards are flush and there is adequate blocking within the wall.
  • PLEASE NOTE: if you chose NOT PREDRILLED, there will still be a drill a hole 1.5″ in from each end so that the track can be hung up for powder coating. 

Track Length & Measuring

  • To establish the track length: order at least twice the width of the door plus min 2" either side for overlap.
  • The width of the door should be 4" wider than the opening to overlap by 2" on each side. The door should be large enough to cover any door frames or casing if applicable.
  • Track over 93" are shipped in 2 pieces.
  • Recommended headroom (distance between the top of the opening and the ceiling) is 8"-10". Minimum required headroom is 6".

Weight Capacity

  • Rated for doors up to 200 lbs. Please note, this is the maximum recommended weight for each pair of hangers. The actual weight bearing capacity will vary depending on how the track has been fastened to the wall. 

Custom Finishes

  • For custom powder coating option, a small hole (5/16" diameter) will be drilled at either end of the track for fabrication techniques. This hole is applicable to all "Drilled" or "Non-Drilled" orders. For the Single Track Bypass, these holes are 1" from the end. For other hardware, the holes are 1.5" from the end. 

Additional Components 

  • Door guides (Floor Guide or Wall Guide Options available) are already provided in the kit for you, if you need extra floor guides for other reasons, you can order them above.  
  • The Floor Guide is a small bracket that is mounted on the floor at the bottom of the door to keep the door in place. 
  • The Wall Guides is mounted to the baseboards (or wall if you don’t have baseboards).
    * Price includes hardware only. Does not include the door or header piece.
    * Suitable for outdoor applications, however the finish will patina over a shorter period of time.

    Solid Brass/ For strength, bolts are brass plated steel.

    The brass is largely untreated except with an oil top coat to preserve the patina and longevity of the metal, because we believe in the beauty and authenticity of the original material. These can be used outdoors but will patina more quickly than indoors.

    High quality solid brass rollers with double built-in ball bearings are used for the quiet motion.

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