Fritsjurgens pivot hinge
Fritsjurgens pivot hinge
Outdoor Fritsjurgens pivot hinge
Minimal flush Fritsjurgens pivot hinge
Bathroom door pivot hinge by Fritsjurgens
Bathroom door pivot hinge by Fritsjurgens
A room with a FritsJurgens Pivot Door Hinge System M 40 and two chairs in it.
An empty room with a white wall and a chair, but with the addition of the FritsJurgens Pivot Door Hinge System M 40 from FritsJurgens.

FritsJurgens Pivot Door Hinge System M 40

Floor Plate


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  • LEAD TIME: 3-5 weeks

System M - 40 is a Pivot Door Hinge System from FritsJurgens, designed specifically to maximize clearance width. M 40 has a pivot location at 40mm from the edge of the door, reducing the space taken up by the pivot mechanism, and ensuring the widest clearance possible. Weight class is determined by size and thickness of door, please use the online selector here or contact us for a quote.

The M model is a fully hydraulic system resulting in self and soft-closing mechanisms, as well as hydraulic backcheck, guaranteeing light, fluid and quiet door movements. The self-closing hinge system has hold positions at every 90° angle and is suitable for almost every type of pivot door; single, double, interior, exterior, with and without door frames. Click here to view other FritsJurgens systems. 

FritsJurgens offers configurations for a variety of other door features, to explore the full lineup, use the online selector here.

Manufactured in the Netherlands.

System M comes in 4 different types, all specifically designed for your pivot door weight and dimensions.

Use online selector here to learn about the System M Class options: Class AA, Class A, Class B, Class C.

Complete set includes: Top Pivot, Ceiling Plate, System M Pivot, Floor Plate and Mounting Package. 

  • Bearing capacity 80-500 kg
  • Pivot Location 40mm 
  • 360º revolution
  • Minimum door thickness 40 mm
  • Hold positions at 0˚, 90˚and -90˚
  • Self-closing from -125˚ to + 125˚
  • Adjustable closing damping (soft closing)
  • Adjustable hydraulic backcheck
  • Can be combined with door frames
  • Patented system

FritsJurgens System M is suitable for fire-resistant doors, soundproof doors, doors with draught-excluding, windproof and waterproof profiles, and burglar-resistant doors. 

Please provide the following details for accurate ordering:

Desired Pivot Location (from the hinge side of the door): 40mm
70 mm available here
Door Width (Up to Max of 4400 mm*):
Door Height:
Door Thickness:
Door Material:
Door Weight (Max of 210 kg*):
Interior or Exterior Door:
Finish: Stainless steel or PVD Black

Please note that your specifications may require additional accessories, as to be discussed with your sales agent. 

*If you require hardware beyond these requirements, contact us, and we will be able to suggest other options for your space. 

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