A Guide to FritsJurgens Pivot Door Hinge System

fritsjurgens pivot doors installed in a row

The patented FritsJurgens pivot door systems transcend traditional functionality and transform a door into noteworthy design elements. FritsJurgens' pivot hinges are concealed within the door and can be incorporated into both new and preexisting installations, even those with underfloor heating. 

Virtually any material is suitable for pivoting doors that utilize FritsJurgens' pivot hinges. Read on to learn more. 

What is a pivot door?

A pivot door is a large door that rotates vertically with aligned hinges fixated on the top and bottom of a door. With a pivot door system, the hinges stand away from the edge of the door. This hinge placement allows the weight of the door to be transferred vertically, as opposed to hanging off the side frame horizontally. 

The benefits of a pivot door are due to the balanced nature of their hinges, the sizes and weights of door can be much larger than those of traditional doors. With hidden hardware and this flexibility in size, pivot doors are excellent additions to modern interiors. 

What separates FritsJurgens from other pivot door systems? 

Using a patented system designed with marine grade stainless steel and anodized aluminum, weighted to hold up to 500 kg (1100 lbs) per hinge and with multiple systems for ultimate flexibility, Fritsjurgens provides top of the line pivot hinges. 

  • Totally Hidden Hardware Nothing in the ceiling, nothing in the floor, no ugly cover plates; just beautiful design. FritsJurgens Pivot hinge systems mortise everything in the door. 

  • Design Flexibility With capacities for pivot doors of up to 500kg (1100 lbs), and sizes up to 5000 mm (20 ft) wide and 5000 mm (20 ft) high, design opportunities are almost endless. You can even fit your with FritsJurgens hinges after all the finish surfaces are completed.

  • Less Trouble Shouting With midrange pivot doors there can be issues of drafty seals, damage from the elements, heavy doors that are hard to move or that can swing too easily damaging surroundings. Fritsjurgens carefully engineers every one of its products to ensure a long-lasting, easy to use, and above all, safe and secure pivot door.
  • Easy Installation FritsJurgens’ pivot hinges are easy to mill and mount – on-site installation takes no longer than 30 minutes. And once installed they are maintenance-free.

FritsJurgens' dedication to excellence, multiple patents,

and a two-year manufacturer's warranty, all ensure the highest quality and security for your space.

oxidized door with pivot hinge
Linvisibile Italy​​

Can I use FritsJurgens pivot door systems for exterior doors? 

Yes! FritsJurgens has developed details for both System M+ (flush) and System One in cooperation with several leading producers of exterior doors. With care, System M can also be used as an exterior door system. Talk with your installer or contractor to determine if it might work for you.

System M+, available on request, also includes Latch Lock technology, which ensures bolted latches connect with ease.

I have heated floors, can I still use a FritsJurgens pivot door?

Yes! Because the systems floor pivot only require a depth of 8mm they are well suited to many different floors, including heated ones.  

What are the different FritsJurgens systems?

System One The most compact system, it offers no hold positions and 360 rotation, and may be installed in side or centre pivot positions. System One is suitable for single or double acting doors, and can hold weight up to 500 kgs (1100 lbs) with no limits to door width or height. 

System 3 Designed for middle position pivot only, System 3 hold its positions at 90 degree angles. System 3 is self closing and can hold up to 350 kgs (770 lbs) with a max door width from 1000 mm (3'3") to  3800 mm (12'5").

System M A hydraulic system with damper control to adjust movement. System M has a hydraulic backcheck and opening dampening for slowed, graceful functionality. Suitable for double and single acting doors, side and centre pivot positions, up to 210 kg (460 lbs) and 4400 mm (14'5") width. A 40 mm Top Pivot (side pivot) for maximum clearance is also available.

System M+* Also a hydraulic system, M+ is equipped with Damper Control for door adjustment. It has two extra controls: 30 Speed Control, and Latch Control. 30 Speed Control is an extra control for extra speed and movement refinement. Latch Control ensures proper latching for doors with latching bolts. With 90 or 180-degree rotation, M+ is suitable for single and double-acting doors and holds doors up to 500 kg (1100 lbs) and 5000 mm (16'4") width. *Available upon request.

How can I choose between the different FritsJurgens systems?

System One

System 3

System M 

System M+*

Provides Pivot Functionality

Hidden Mortise

Suitable for Side or Middle Pivot Position

Middle position Only

Free Swing



360 Rotation

90, 180

90, 180

No Min. Weight Capacity

40 kg Min
(88 lbs)

20 kg Min

(44 lbs)

20 kg min

(44 lbs)

Weight Limit up to 500 kg
(1100 lbs)

350 Kg Max
(770 lbs)

210 Kg Max
(460 lbs)

Single & Double Acting Door

Double Acting Only

Hold Position




Narrow Option Available



Hydraulic Backcheck / Damper Control



30° Speed Control / Latch Control




Suitable for Exterior Doors?


With Care

Max Door Width


1000 - 3800 mm
(3'3" to 12'5")

400 - 4400 mm
(15.75" to 14'5") 

400 - 5000 mm
(15.75" to 16'5")

*System M+ is available upon request. Contact sales to learn more. 

Need more help in picking your best system?

The placement of the pivot point and the desired functionalities determine which pivot system suits your project best. In a few easy steps your pivot kit is assembled and quoted via FritsJuergens' selector tool.

What's a single acting door vs double acting door?

A double-acting door is one that swings in and out, often used in high-traffic locations like a restaurant kitchen. Doors that offer 360 degree rotation will be double acting by design; doors that are installed to utilized specific hold positions will be single acting. 

What does a hold position mean? How do the systems differ?

Hold positions are the angle in which the door will pause - stop moving - either to fix the door open as a passageway or to allow the pivoting walls to rotate effortlessly in both directions. 

Double door / Pivot Wall System 3 rotates automatically towards its hold positions at 0°, 90°, 180° or 270°. The door can be used to create a movable wall, and allowed to be fixed open to create a passageway between two rooms, keeping it still in one of it's hold positions. 

System M and M+ (left) offer hold positions at 90°, 180° and -90°, holding open either way, or flat. 

What does Narrow Option mean? Why would I want that? 

For standard or narrow door ways, the space lost for clearance by the tradition 70mm hinge may be greater than wanted, or cause accessibility issues for people using the doorway. 

For these situations, Fritsjurgens has designed the Top Pivot 40 mm to pair with Systems M and M+. This top pivot maximizes clearance, and is ADA compliant for standard door widths.  

pivot door system

What does backcheck mean?

A feature in hydraulic door closers that prevents the door from opening too fast and slamming against the wall or other objects. The opening swing is slowed at a certain degree and controls the speed of the door during the balance of its opening cycle. A closer with backcheck ensures the opening motion of a door is hydraulically dampened from an opening angle of approximately 75 degrees. 

This means when doors are opened violently, the door slows, preventing damage to surroundings. 

What is damper control?

Damper Control affects the intensity of damping as 90 degrees is approached. This setting hardens or softens the damping as the door approaches the 90-degree locking position. Note: when setting the damping intensity, you are also setting the closing speed. Hard damping slows closing, soft damping means faster closing.

Metal framed pivot doors
Architecture by Promontório

What is 30° Speed Control?

A benefit of the M+ system,  30° Speed Control was developed to provide even more control over the motion of the door. The setting can be set to slow or accelerate the motion of the door from 30 degrees to the closed position.

What is 'Latch Lock'?


Latch Control is the control over the final pass of the door. If a door is fitted with a lock, you want it to actually engage completely. FritsJurgens have therefore designed a setting in which the last 10 degrees of the closing moment are slightly accelerated, ensuring that the lock closes neatly. Note, this is only available for System M+, available upon request.

Multiple patents, FritsJurgens' dedication to excellence and a two-year manufacturor's warranty all ensure the highest quality and security for your space.

Do you sell doors as well?

Designed to be used with weights up to 5000 kg, FritsJurgens systems are designed to work with almost any material you can imagine. Because of this flexibility we do not sell doors, and find it best for you to work with your installer, designer or contractor to determine the best door for your project.

I don't know what door I want yet, can I order the system still?

Because of the highly customizable nature of the product it is not advisable to order a system until you are sure of weight, function, and size.

metal pivot doors
wood pivot doors

Have more questions about FritsJurgens or other products? Contact service@cassonhardware.com.