Tense Pendant Lamp 5 PCS Canopy Set

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Stretching to over one meter in length, the Tense pendant lamp appears like a soft cloud has floated in. A truly modern construction, its soft Tyvek diffuser represents a material both durable and soft – whilst being 100% recyclable. The flexibility of this paper-like diffuser allows its slim frame to accentuate the cloud like qualities of the Tense pendant lamp. Finished with a slimline LED light source, all components fit into a slim box for ease of transport. A truly modern approach to lighting.

The Tense Multi Canopy makes it possible to assemble three or five Tense shades, regardless of size, forming a voluminous and contemplative arrangement. The Canopy gathers and conceals the cable outlet, guiding the gaze to linger on the suspended shades and the soft, enchanting light emanating from the constellation. Finding its perfect milieu in expansive spaces such as entrance halls, lofty living rooms, or within the upscale setting of hotel and restaurant interiors, Tense Multi Canopy convey volume and ambience.

Designed by Panter & Tourron for New Works Denmark.

ETL Certified: Complies with specific safety standards for the US and Canada; we advise checking with a licensed electrician to ensure local compliance.

For more details, please reach out to us at sales@cassonhardware.com.

For additional questions or concerns regarding the installation or regulation of products within your specific region, we recommend consulting with a licensed electrician or a professional advisor prior to placing your order.


5 PCS: Ø 300 mm (11.81") X H 80 mm (3.15")


Ø 900 mm (35.4") x H 150 mm (5.9") x W 800 mm (31.4")
Ø 1200 mm (47.2") x H 150 mm (5.9") x W 1100 mm (43.3)
*Holds driver and excess cord

Light Source: Dimmable LED (Included)
LED Lifetime: 60,000 hrs
Lumens: 2,000 lm
CRI: 80
Temperature: LED 22W, 3000K (Results in approx. 2700K through lamp shade)
Certifications: CE Certified, additional certifications are the responsibility of the customer
Cord (Hardwired): Black PVC cord, Ø 4 mm (0.1") x L 5000 mm (196.8")
Ceiling: Suitable for level and slanted ceiling mounting.

Shade in Tyvek membrane (100% recyclable) tightened up with carbon rods, cord in black PVC.

Powder coated steel canopy.

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