Matte black lever handle Kay Otto Fisker
Brass lever handle Kay Otto Fisker
Stainless steel lever handle Kay Otto Fisker
Matte black lever handle Kay Otto Fisker

Kay Otto Fisker Lever

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The Kay Otto Fisker lever, designed in the 1940s, still remains one of the most sought-after designs with its iconic, timeless and classically elegant form. The lever is cast in solid, unpainted brass with high copper content, giving it an incredibly nice patina over time.

d line levers are designed for constant use. They are rigorously tested and use the most cutting-edge machinery in the field. Each piece is expertly crafted by hand.

Made in Europe.

    Door Thickness: 33 - 59 mm (1.3 - 2.3")
    Rose: Available with round rose
    Certifications: Tested and certified according to EN1906 and EN1634-1
    Areas of application: Commercial, Residential

    NOTE: European roses are smaller than standard North American models. Please ensure all dimensions are carefully reviewed as these may not fit existing or pre-bored door holes.

    Available in polished brass, satin stainless steel, and matte black finishes.

    X-BAC antimicrobial coating and finishes available upon request.

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