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Bubbles Door Knob

The curved shapes of the ‘Bubbles’ line are philosophical, an antidote to the bland and sterile. Perched gently, the bubble shapes create a sense of whimsy. Designed by renowned architect and designer India Mahdavi, the ‘Bubbles’ hardware and accessories features the designer’s calling card of fun and magic, a contemporary rejoinder to banal modernity. 

A playful door knob, the Bubble features less fanciful lines than the rest of collection. A perfect circle with minimal projection, the Bubble door knob provides playful details. Pair with the Bubble thumbturn to highlight the magical details of the collection, or use alone for a simple touch of whimsy. Artistically minded and routed in craftsmanship, the ‘Bubbles’ collection enhances the space the way a fine jewel enhances the wearer.  

Since 1905, Maison Vervloet has been creating luxurious, high-end hardware. One of Europe's last remaining ateliers of decorative hardware, Maison Vervloet creates objects of unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship. Employing master artisans, objects designed and crafted by Maison Vervloet are made to order. 

Made in Belgium.

    Ø 60 mm (2.4")

    Available in polished brass. Custom finishes available. Please contact us for more information.

    This item is made to order and has a 8-12 week lead time. 

    Ordering door hardware requires the combination of a variety of different componants. To provide you with the most accurate pricing and quote, we recommend reviewing our document Guide to Ordering Door Hardware.  

    If you are familiar with the hardware you are interested in purchasing, please go ahead and use our PDF Door Hardware Order Form or Excel Door Hardware Schedule Spreadsheet to plan your order. Our Sales Team would be happy to prepare a detailed quote according to your needs.