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Clean Cut Handle

Original Price $92.00
Current Price $73.00
Finish: Polished Stainless Steel


The Clean Cut Handle has a clean crisp geometry. Solid and sturdy this modern handle is perfect on wardrobes and on kitchen cabinets. They can be combined with the Clean Cut Pull and/or Clean Cut Knob from the collection.

Made in Sweden.


L 60 mm X H 42 mm, Width 21 mm, Thickness 6 mm (Centre to Centre: 40 mm) - Limited Stock, outgoing size.
L 148 mm X H 42 mm, Width 21 mm, Thickness 6 mm (Centre to Centre: 128 mm)
L 244 mm X H 50 mm, Width 21 mm, Thickness 8 mm (Centre to Centre: 224 mm)
L 452 mm X H 50 mm, Width 21 mm, Thickness 8 mm (Centre to Centre: 432 mm)

L 2.3" X H 1.6", Thickness 0.2" (Centre to Centre: 1.6")
L 5.8" X H 1.6", Thickness 0.2" (Centre to Centre: 5")
L 9.6" X H 2", Thickness 0.3" (Centre to Centre: 8.8")
L 17.8" X H 2", Thickness0.3" (Centre to Centre: 17")

Mounting screws included. 


Solid polished brass, solid brushed brass, solid polished copper, solid brushed copper, high-gloss polished and brushed stainless steel, or powder coated matte black.

Note: materials are not lacquered and will age and oxidize over time. Refer to our care guide for best practices.

Lead Time

1-3 week lead time if not in stock. If items are sold out please contact us for more assistance with availability. 

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