A pile of Dan Dryer Finish Sample discs in different colors on a white surface.
A white Dan Dryer wall with a black and white Dan Dryer wall and a green and white Dan Dryer wall.

Dan Dryer Finish Sample

Original price$15.00
  • 3 available for immediate shipping, for additional quantities refer to Estimated Lead Time.
  • LEAD TIME: 1-3 weeks

Dan Dryer finish samples are sold as a ring set.  The set includes both powder coated metal as well as top plate material finish samples for Dan Dryer's LOKI and BJORK line of sanitary hardware. Available only as a set.

 L 105 mm (4.13") X H 125 mm (4.92")

  • White RAL
  • Black RAL
  • Custom RAL
  • Wood Veneer
  • Stone Veneer


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