An Audrey Door Knob 70 and an Audrey Door Knob 70 on a white background by Maison Vervloet.
A group of Maison Vervloet's Audrey Door Knob 70s on a white surface.
A group of Maison Vervloet Audrey Door Knob 70s sitting next to each other.
A Maison Vervloet Audrey Door Knob 70, a white object with a hole in the middle of it.
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Audrey Door Knob 70



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  • LEAD TIME: 8-12 weeks

Elevate your space with the sophisticated 'Audrey' Door Knob 70, handmade by master artisans in Brussels. Evoking the simple, well made construction of a bygone era, the 'Audrey' Door Knob is timeless, graceful and feminine. This knob is 70 mm, and can also be used as a statement wall hook.

This version of the ‘Audrey’ knob is recommended fixed, but can be made operable on request. 

The 'Audrey' line appeals to design connoisseurs who appreciate the fine craftsmanship in simple lines and elegant European design.

Iconic Belgian designer, Jean Francois D'or, voted Belgian designer of the year in 2013, designed 'Audrey' knobs and handles to create the feeling of subtle poetry. Designed with D’ors trademark unpretentious and logical allure, they are appealing for their immediately evocative design, suggesting proportions which meet both functional and aesthetic needs. See full Audrey collection here.

Founded in 1905, Maison Vervloet has been creating luxurious, high-end hardware for over a century. One of Europe's last remaining ateliers, the family owned Maison Vervloet creates objects of unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship. Employing master artisans, objects designed and crafted by Maison Vervloet are made to order. 

Made in Belgium.

    Knob: Ø 70 mm (2.7") X D 40 mm (1.57") X Projection 40 mm (1.5")
    Rose: Ø 50 mm (1.9") X D 5 mm (0.19")
    * This door knob is recommended for a fixed function

    NOTE: European roses are smaller than standard North American models. Please ensure all dimensions are carefully reviewed as these may not fit existing or pre-bored door holes.

    Available in brass and natural aluminum.

    All finishes are lacquered for durability. Custom finishes available, please contact us for more information.

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