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Bocci 22: Plaster or Tile Trim Cap

by Bocci

Bocci 22 is a suite of flush electrical accessories and plates for the most clean and minimal look for your walls. For true connoisseurs of design and details.

A spring-loaded barrel system allows an operative component of any sort to pop into a receiving system mudded directly into drywall, or set into a sheet of finish material. The complete assembly results in operative components that sit flush with the surrounding wall surface, without visible cover plates.


  • This is the trip cap required for installation in wet material (plaster, concrete tile/grout, mortar etc.)
  • One trim cap per component is required, for example a 2 gang outlet installed in tile requires 2 trim caps.
  • To reach GFCI code, a GFI breaker would simply be placed elsewhere along the circuit in an accessible, but hidden location. This breaker would be purchased independently.
  • All Bocci 22 are tamper resistant.
  • A single removal tool is required for all installations and is sold separately here
  • If you are mounting into drywall please select from our Bocci 22: Drywall Mounting 

Ø 34 mm (1.3")

2-3 week lead time. Please contact us for more information or for stock availability.

Bocci 22 Brochure 
Bocci 22 Selection Guide (use this guide to help select barrel length)
Bocci 22 CAD Drawings
Bocci 22 FAQ

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