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Bocci 22: Removal Tool

by Bocci

The removal tool is designed to eject all operative components from mounting plates without disturbing the wall finish. Simply insert, turn and pull, and it will disengage the locking tabs and allow the operative component to be removed. Required for all 22 installations. Sold individually.

Removal Tool is utilized for both standard and long barrel component removal.

Bocci 22 is a suite of electrical wall accessories designed as an alternative to the ubiquitous cover plate model. A spring-loaded barrel system allows an operative component of any sort to pop into a receiving system mudded directly into drywall, or set into a sheet of finish material. The complete assembly results in operative components that sit flush with the surrounding wall surface, without visible cover plates.


  • A single universal removal tool is required for all installations and is sold separately
  • If you are mounting into drywall please select from our Bocci 22: Drywall Mounting
  • If you are mounting into Wood, MDF, Corian etc. select from our Bocci 22: Alternate Material Mounting
  • If you are mounting into plaster, concrete, tile/grout, mortar etc. select from our Bocci 22: Wet Material Mounting
  • To reach GFCI code, a GFI breaker would simply be placed elsewhere along the circuit in an accessible, but hidden location. This breaker would be purchased independently.

Removal Tool for all Bocci 22 installations. Purchase one tool when purchasing the Bocci 22 line.

Bocci 22 Brochure
Bocci 22 CAD Drawings
Bocci 22 FAQ

Please note that these items are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. Please refer to our Returns & Exchanges for more information.

2-3 week lead time. Please contact us for more information or for stock availability.

To determine which Bocci items are best for your application, please review the following questions:
1. Where is it being installed? 
2. What type of mounting plate do you want?
  • Single
  • Double Linear: For verticle or horizontal mounting 
  • Double Random: Set on an angle 
3. Which component do you need? 
  • Amp 15A or 20A (confirm with your electrician if you're unsure)
  • If going into an alternate (ex. stone) substrate which length do you need? Read this chart to help you determine which length is right for your project *All found on the product page and linked here*
  • Select Finish (black/ white/ almond)

4. Do you want to buy as a finished kit or individually as parts?