Product Guide - The Appeal of Flush Mount Outlets and Where to Place Them

wood and white kitchen with bocci plug flush mount outlet

Over unsightly electrical plugs? Flush mount outlets remove 

distracting cover plates, resulting in elegant and nearly invisible access to power. 

The outlet is the black sheep of interior design - an increasingly necessary part of modern life, but too often not just an eyesore but an after thought. While one solution can be to place outlets out of the way, that too often can result in straining to plug in light or phone charger, let alone the issues of code or safety. 

What if instead we could make power codes almost invisible? Instead of an attention (and finger print) grabbing cover plate, think about how seamless flush mounts could work for your space. 

Read on how CASSON vendors BOCCI and DesignMod remove the cover plate, 
resulting in seamless and convenient power at your finger tips. 

designmod flush mount plug installed horizontally
bocci flush mount plug installed over a sink

DesignMod, left, and  BOCCI, right, offer clutter-free sight lines through their innovative flush mount systems. 

What is a flush-mount?

A flush mount power outlet is installed directly into the walls so the surface is flush, level with wall. This eliminates the need for cover plates.  

Installing a flush mount requires professionally trained tradespeople. Flush mount outlets can only be installed as part of the drywall installation process, meaning it’s only an option for remodellers or while rooms are under construction. An electrician and a drywall installer place the electric box, or the piece of machinery that powers the outlet, inside the drywall, and then "mud" it in using construction methods. 

What system is right for my project?

Bocci 22 

The Bocci 22 system is a suite of flush electrical accessories and plates creating the most clean and minimal look for your walls. 

A spring-loaded barrel system allows an operative component of any sort (ex. usb, or outlet) to pop into a receiving system mudded directly into drywall, or set into a sheet of finish material. This results in operative components that sit flush with the surrounding wall surface, without visible cover plates. Available in almond, white or black to blend in with any surface. 

DesignMod Smoothline 

The Smoothline systems fit over existing electrical boxes using thin faceplate called fascia. Smoothline's cover plates are flush with the surface, making them unobtrusive. They may also be treated like a wall, painted or even wallpapered to match your decor. Install them horizontally over a counter for a discrete look. 

Because Smoothline is a framing system that uses existing electrical components its cost per unit is much lower. Smoothline comes in drywall or wood systems, the latter suitable for installation in stone or marble. 

Bocci 22 

Bocci 22 is a suite of flush electrical accessories and plates creating the most clean and minimal look for your walls. Utilizing patented tech, the Bocci 22 system installs cleanly so only the outlet or component face is visible. For true connoisseurs of design and details.

DesignMod Smoothline

Smoothline is a simple, UL-approved flush-mount wall plate system that provides an innovative, cost effective way to install outlets and switches flush with the wall for the ultimate in clean lines. The system uses standard finishing techniques and common outlets and switches and works with paint and wallpaper. The final cover has no visible screws.

Where to place your flush mount outlets?

Now that you've decided on the right flush mount for your room and project, next comes deciding where to place them. Think function first, and use these tips to help design your perfect functional space. 

Know your code

Did you know you can’t have horizontal (face up) outlets in a kitchen or bath? Or that outlets in these rooms must be grounded? Because cooking and washing up means water, and water and electricity means sparks, building codes have specific safety requirements. Before you begin any renovation be sure that you know the relevant codes to ensure your new room is a safe and sound one. 

Charging? Think hidden solutions. 

Electronic toothbrushes, phones, tablets, bluetooth accessories, video game controllers - more things than ever need to charge overnight. Why not create a hidden spaceto charge the doodads and thingamajigs Your medicine cabinet can have an outlet to charge a toothbrush, or razor, and a drawer in the kitchen can be used to unobtrusively charge devices over night. 

Standing or sitting? 

Spend time in the room, and think about how you plan to use it. Do you look at recipes on a tablet? Hitting 0% on step 13 of 20 for your soufflé is no fun. Neither is bending down in a towel to plug in a hair dryer or shaver. Make sure devices plug in at spaces that are ergonomic and useful. Check the heights and arm lengths of the people who will share your space to make sure arms reach is applicable to everyone. 

Think big - and small. 

Outlets should be where they are used. Seems simple right? But if you are dreaming of a wine fridge somewhere down the line, put in the outlet now. Do you always make smoothies in the morning? Placing an outlet near the cupboard that fits the Vitamix will make your morning ritual easier. Reminder that all major appliances require their own plug and their own breaker.

bocci flush mount plugs on a kitchen island

"Check the heights and arm lengths of the people who will share your space to make sure arms reach is applicable to everyone."

DesignMod, left, and BOCCI, right, show thoughtful outlet placement for ease of use. What spots in your space would benefit from a discrete outlet or usb? 

designmod flush mount outlets and light switches installed near a bathroom sink
black bocci flush mount outlets on a black wall

What do I need to know to have flush mounts in my renovation or construction project?

Figure out your priorities

The Bocci 22 system allows you to completely customize your electrical outlets from need, to location, to colour. This customization means a single outlet comes in at $135 CAD with more for the installation tools. If that's out of range, Smoothline's system is a more affordable option, but lacks the ability to customize plug type and more effort to camouflage the flush mount.   


Are you installing in hardwood, marble or stone? The Bocci alternative mounting system and the DesignMod Smoothline Wood System are both compatible with these materials. Drywall installations have their own systems. Be certain of where you are installing to ensure the correct products are ordered.  

Colour and Finish

Both systems come in different finishes to ensure a clean and coherent look to your space. Bocci is available in black, white and almond. The Smoothline system is available with flack details to match outlets, as well as as stainable birch face.

Extra Equipment

Make sure you have all the tools you need to complete the installation process.The Bocci 22 system requires a removal tool for the installation process. Only one is needed for the entire project, no matter the number of outlets being installed. The Smoothline systems require existing electrical outlets. Some installation require special saws or routing templates to ensure a perfect fit. Talk with your contractors to make sure you have everything you need before installation begins.  

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